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Hi there!

I am Hans Andreas Müller.
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Have a look at some of my older projects

Stuff I wrote when I was young

Freie Szene Berlin Homepage Blackout

written in php, js, perl using MySQL
re:publica14 "Into The Wild" profile pic stamping tool

written in php, js, ajax eBook delivery

⤓ sample .pdf
⤓ source
written in linux shell, perl

Winamp/BPM board

⤓ source
Displays Artist and Title Info from Winamp and BPM on a wallboard connected via COM port.
written in VB6
Point-of-Sale system for a local community space

⤓ source
written in VB6, VS .NET using MySQL

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Andreas Müller
Ohlauer Str. 17
10999 Berlin

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